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Staff and Services

"Breach Candy Nursing care is and has always been a class apart."

What sets Breach Candy Nursing Care apart is the personalized quality of care they deliver, which is the cornerstone of patient satisfaction. Our nurses are understanding, caring and have a problem-solving ability with great communication skills.

We take pride in their medico-technical competencies which have been recognised both, in India and abroad. The highest nurse-bed ratio within wards and in the ICUs stands out in our hospital and helps in the best-personalized patient care. 

Given that nursing is a stressful vocation, we train our nurses well to deal with situations with emotional stability suitable for demanding situations. Our nurses are ever nimble on their feet; in a crisis, they keep a cool head and maintain a calm disposition. Our nurses are sensitive to the socio-demographic background of our patients. They maintain the right blend of interpersonal relations to ensure the best service to our patients and their families built in our nurses, thanks to the continuous training imparted on them.

Our nursing team is well trained in assisting patients with their discharge process. Our nurses work with patients to ensure a smooth transition, taking into consideration the engagement of support services and help bridge the gap between treatment at the hospital and care provided at home.

EMS Nurses at Breach Candy Hospital

They are swift and are always on their toes to take care of every patient being brought in for emergency care. Triage is initiated and sound clinical judgment is made by the well trained nurses ensuring care as per clinical priority.

Our chemotherapy Nurses

We have significant foot-fall of patients needing chemotherapy, which is provided by our specially trained and experienced chemo nurses. Patients have trust and many of them come back to share their joy and happiness from cancer free life.

Professional growth of nurses at BCH

Nurses as a part of BCHT team Nursing are offered both in-house and external learning opportunities enhancing their professional growth which have long term benefits for the nurses. In addition to the excellent nursing skills, our nurses are well equipped to handle disaster management like fire etc.