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Psychiatry Department

Global outlook tailored for local needs

Breach Candy Hospital Trust is committed to the welfare of the beneficiaries of our services. In our pursuit of optimal care, the Trustees took cognizance of the rising global awareness of the importance of Mental Wellbeing and good health. The hospital takes serious note of the WHO’s World Health Report and Global Health Statistics of the Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) that reveal rising incidence of diagnosable mental illness and occurrence of symptoms of mental health ill-health in hospital population.

In this context the Breach Candy Hospital conducts Seven Psychiatry OPDs every week. Two senior psychiatrists operate the outpatient services. The hospital also has a team of five empanelled psychiatrists.

General mental health service options include

  • Mental health assessment and management of acute and chronic mental illness for adult cases.
  • Painstakingly planned and meticulously supervised drug therapies and non-drug therapies in the OPD clinics that include individual psychotherapies, family therapy and psycho-education about healthy life style.

Special services on case-by-case basis include

  • Psychiatric management of Older Adults
  • Liaison Psychiatry
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Women in distress and
  • Immune-compromised persons are managed pattern.  
  • Electronic Medical Records to facilitate continuity of case management.

Outsourced services include

  • Psychometric Assessment.
  • Cognitive Therapy.
  • Individual and Family counseling.
  • Rehabilitation of the mentally ill.